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Headlight Upgrade Resolved

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  • Headlight Upgrade Resolved

    After doing a lot of on-line research and becoming thoroughly confused (especially with prices all the way up to $160 for a pair), I went to my local NAPA store today and bought a pair of Wagner BriteLite Halogen 7" seal beam headlights. Went right in with no problem and they even have a clear spot on the rear so the little pilot/parking lamp bulb shines through. Price was $18.00 each plus tax. I test drove the car tonight and was pleasantly surprised at the difference. LOTS more light than before especially on high beam. And, since they're designed for American roads they dip properly when using the high beam. So, if any of you are still using older stock head lamps and want a safer drive at night at a reasonable cost, I highly recommend the Wagner BriteLite Halogen lamps.

    '79 Austin Mini 1000

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    i put in hid's in mine work great