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11 Stud head.

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  • 11 Stud head.

    OK, bank of Mini info................What type of engines had the 11 stud heads? Was it just some of the early cars or just a few original 'S' models. The only reason I ask is because I was looking for a decent valve cover gasket from my collection of motors and found the engine that came with our 1962 Austin Countryman has the 11 stud head with notched valve covers. The number next to the rockers is AEG 165 or so it appears. Any help would be very appreciated.
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    Could it be a AEG 163? If so, it is a 1071 Cooper S head, 11 studs.
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      AEG163 was introduced on the 1071 and was used on the 970 and 1275 'S' engines. There is a possibility that it was used on some of the early 1300GT engines but I don't have any proof. Eleven stud heads were only supplied on 'S' models and the ADO16 1300GT.

      Does the engine the AEG163 ( assuming that's what how it's marked ) head have valve lifter covers on the back? Any casting numbers on the block?

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        Learn something every day! So there was a 1300 Grand Touring version of the MG 1100?
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          To add to Kelley's comments, the higher powered ADO10 1275 engine came out first in the MG and Riley; although, neither were called GTs. It was some time before the same engine showed up in the Austin and Morris 1300s and they were called 1300 GTs. (The Wolseley and Vanden Plas got a slightly milder version of the engine.)
          Like Kelley, I've often heard that the 11-stud head was used in the Austin and Morris 1300GTs (and probably the MG and Riley 1300s), but I've never seen one "in person."
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            Aeg 163

            After closer examination the engine in question is a AEG 163, it has casting numbers below the exhaust manifold ...12G

            Then below the oil filter location it has H
            It's all part of life's rich tapestry.