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a good northwest tire?

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  • a good northwest tire?

    In reading forum posts elsewhere on the net, some say the last generation Falken tire was bad in the wet. But can't find any comments on the new Falken tread pattern. And even though the A008 is marketed for dry conditions, many seem to rate them good on wet roads.

    So, fellow NWers, which is preferable on our wet roads, the Falken or A008?

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    I have ran multiple sets of both of thoses tires year round. I'd say eather one in the wet. However...if you are getting new tires..then I say go with A008's Come spring and summer they will be a better tire
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      Tell your Dad that A008's are fine when they're new but heading into a NW winter with those close to the wear bar is not a good idea. Your timing is perfect. A new set of A008's now will get you to work and those geriatric appointments through the wet season and then you can burn them up over the summer on all the SAMOA outings.



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        Thanks for the input, guys. I've put in an order for a set of A008's!

        I've got a set of Falkens from 2003 that have quite a bit of tread left, but at 7 years old, I'm guessing they're near the end of their life based on age. Would someone have a use for them, or should I just dispose of them?


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          What size Falken's are they?

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            Kelley, the Falkens are 165/70x10.


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              I'll take one for my spare if you are still interested in getting rid of them.