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bypass hose installation

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  • bypass hose installation

    I replaced a blown head gasket two weeks ago. While I was re-assembling everything I remembered that I had bought a couple new bypass hoses a year earlier. What I didn't remember was I bought them to put in the trunk in case mine failed on the road since they're the fluted type - not to be used when I have the head off.

    About 1 mile into my drive home on Sat from the SOVERN races it failed. I fitted the other on the side of the road and made it home OK.

    I've got a new more permanent hose on the way.

    My question is:
    Is it easier to pull the head off again to install the bypass hose (and would that require another new head gasket)?
    should I tackle it from the other side and remove the water pump?
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    Water pump is much easier. Some people talk about being able to work on a regular hose without removing one or the other. You shouldn't be able to do so if the pump and head fittings are OK and not worn down and you're using a reasonable sized hose. Also, I've never liked the idea of pinch folding a short hose to try to make it fit. I call that "side of the road" mechanics one does in desperation. You have the time to do it right.
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      pull the water pump....head is much more!
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        Great news, thanks guys.
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