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Temperature sender Unit/ Thermostat

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  • Temperature sender Unit/ Thermostat

    Do I have to drain some of the Coolant, inorder to install a
    new Temeratur sender and Thermostat ??

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    You have a new thermostat if I remember correctly. If you don't pre-drain water then it will auto-drain when you pull out the sending unit.
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      James is correct and it might be easier for you to install the new thermostat if a small amount of coolant is drained from the radiator so the level is 'below' the top of the inside of the cylinder head where the thermostat sits. Needing to do this depends on how high the coolant level was to begin with. If it needs to be, a turkey baster is a very useful 'tool' to have there.

      I replaced one on a 998 not too long ago and that's exactly what I had to do as coolant began dribbling down the outside of the block once I'd removed the bolts and started to loosen the thermostat housing.


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        Are the motors in the Mini a "Burp" type coolant system? I seem to remember having to "Burp" the air out of a Spriget years ago. Where you start the car wait until the thermostat opens then allowing the air to escape at the highest point, which on a Mini would probably be the radiator tank. Duh!

        I know we always had to "Burp" Fiats or the air would pocket to the rear of the head. Causing it to get hot enough that it would diesel on the one cylinder after turning off the ignition. Just another good reason to dislike Fiat, did I mention that the wiring could give Lucas a run for his money...


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          If you're only doing the sender, and regardless of whether it's in the thermostat housing or the head, you can make the swap, if you're quick, with very little loss of fluid.
          Minis will "self-burp." (Have the tap to the heater core open.) Run the car until warm. Turn off. Top up. Done.
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            Thanks Guys for all the help, will proceed.