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    So I decided to undertake a tuneup, points, condenser, cap, rotor, wires and even a coil.

    I got it all apart and all back together and now it won't start.

    After checking the wiring diagram I think I reversed the leads on the coil. I had made a mental note of what was where, apparantly I am not as sharp as I used to be.

    According to the manual I should have had the black and white wire on the + side and the black wire on the - side of the coil. I had them reversed.

    I switched the leads to where they should be but still no spark, now I am wondering if I toasted the coil?

    Will a coil be damaged to point of being worthless by switching the leads and trying to start the car? If so that is my problem. I would put the old coil back but I am afraid I made the same mistake with that one before realizing my error.

    If the coil is not harmed by this, I am open to ideas. The car started easily and ran pretty good until I started mucking around in there. I can't figure where I went wrong.


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    Reversed leads on a coil won't cause any harm, just put them right before you're finished. The - side of the coil connects to the small wire into the distributor.
    Check the stack of insulators/washers where the small wire entering the distributor joins the points. There should be insulation from ground for this connection, the actual points being the only path to ground. On the connection stud goes insulator, point spring strap, wire to coil, insulator, nut.

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      Hi Don,

      Looks like you couldn't sleep last night judging by the time you made your post.

      As it turns out I did have the coil hooked up correctly, the wire from the distributor going to the negative post on the coil.

      But the rest of your input just gave me an "A-ha" moment. I don't have the wires in the right order and I left that insulator off thinking that the new points had a little nylon strap on the spring end and that it wasn't necessary.

      The condenser wire goes on the very top of the stud insulated from the distributor wire then?

      I certainly think this is where my problem lies.

      Thanks Don!



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        Yeah, my posting was so late I forgot about the condensor. It's wire should join the small wire at the points UNDER the insulator so it is insulated from ground and electrically one with the points wire.



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          Thanks Don,

          I am convinced this is where my problem lies as I know I don't have the wires and insulators in the right order.

          Hopefully no damage done and it's just a matter of putting things in the correct sequence that will have me on my way again soon.

          This is certainly different from the usual proceedure for domestic vehicles with points.

          Thanks for setting me straight.



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            Gee, putting it together the right way makes all the difference. Who would have thunk?

            Thanks again Don problem solved.