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Low speed miss

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  • mascher
    It's worth checking the timing, the miss your experiencing could be pinging/pre-ignition. This would be caused by having the timing too far advanced.

    A low speed miss can also be caused by a lean mixture.

    There are probably other things that can cause the miss but these are the most likely and the most damaging.


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  • gergstuff
    started a topic Low speed miss

    Low speed miss

    I seem to be having some issues.

    I am experiencing a low speed miss that is intermitant.

    It seems to readily manifest itself while trying to accelerate in a higher gear from a low speed.

    Meaning, if I am in third gear and going 20mph and try to accelerate I get the miss. If I downshift and keep the revs up it seems to be okay. Seems like a hiccup and then back to normal.

    No problem on the highway at a constant high speed (70mph) like last weekend to and from Van Dusen.

    It has on occasion done this from a start off from a stop sign too.

    I am guessing ignition related but then again, what do I know?

    Perhaps one of my more learned fellow SAMOAns can weigh in with an opinion.

    I have had the car 2 years ('67 998) it has just over 60,000 miles on it.

    Thank you,