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Re-packing bearings....

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  • Re-packing bearings....

    Is it safe to re-use old ball bearing style front wheel bearings if they have been thoroughly cleaned, greased and reassembled. How would one check to see if they are just out of the use realm. Or is it best to just replace them any time you take hubs apart? Any advice on this subject would be much appreciated. Thanks, Carl.
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    They can be reused but most of us are more used to the Timken roller bearing type. The main things to look for are wear or discoloration. Discoloration means they have been overheated. Wear can be harder to judge and it really can't be covered in a forum. If you can't decide, either have someone with more experience look at them or replace them.

    If this were my project I would change them since I like and trust the roller bearings over ball bearings. They're not that expensive and I have a lot more experience with them.

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      And the roller bearings are much easier to repack without stressing them getting them out!
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        Bearings, trying to get them!

        The ball bearings and accompanying rims or retainers of said balls sort of fell apart as I removed them, this could be a sign. They had to be forced (hammer over wood block) back into place, but I think the removal process may have damaged them. New Timkens will be the answer I think. Thanks guys.
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          New ball joints while you're up to your elbows Carl?



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            Ball Joints............

            All kinds of new parts will be fitted, including all new ball joints Don. Those are all in that group of "You have it apart why not renew!" Parts. Then 2-4 months later re-check the fitting, bearings and nuts and bolts. Today (driving the Rover-'Oliver') I just about had enough of an odd knocking on the left front....Again... and found, under inspection, that the Castle nut came off too easy! I'm thinking I didn't compress the bearings on 'Oliver' well enough and it created some gapping between the disc and the bearing to cause the knocking. I tightened everything up and "Viola" no knocky!
            As Chuck says, The more I learn about Minis, the less I know! Or something to that effect. Cheer fellas , again, Carl.
            It's all part of life's rich tapestry.