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    I just received this from Gord'n via my nephew Erin.

    Subject: [PCRC] Arnie Taub

    Hi All,
    It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Arnie Taub on Friday the
    26th after a struggle with illness. He was the prime mover behind the Western
    Washington All British Field Meet. He had a huge passion for cars of all kinds
    and made a particular effort to reach out to young folks who were interested in
    cars. His wish was that no one made a fuss over him, but I think carrying on
    reaching out to teenagers who are interested in cars would be a wonderful
    thing. The Field Meet will still be held this year and we will be assisting
    greatly as his family continue to bring us that wonderful chance for all
    British car owners to gather and celebrate their love for Whitworth bolts, oil
    leaks and bugs in your teeth driving.
    Thank you
    Gord'n Perrott
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    How sad. I met Arne at the ABMF 2 years ago and had a chance to sit and talk with him on the morning after before the drive. He was a great guy and an incredible car buff.

    He will be truely be missed.

    GOD's speed. Arne.


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      Sad news indeed. He had a great laugh when I suggested my MGA based Fiberfab Jamaican should be displayed at the ABFM with the 'real' MGAs. He suggested 'other MG' would be a more appropriate class.
      My Mini is plastic.