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1966 Morris Cooper S update 2/2/10

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  • 1966 Morris Cooper S update 2/2/10

    Repaired boot lid mounted with rubber seal taped in place. Pretty good fit, but needs a little tweaking on the top to be water tight.

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      Right rear outer seat belt mounting plate location.

      Close up...

      What it looks like inside (right rear)

      Test fit of a belt, clearance looks good.


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        Close up shot...

        Here's the left rear bracket.

        Left rear outer hole.

        One other repair in the right inner panel on the arch. This had a "V" shaped split and has been repaired.

        All for now, comments welcome.

        I do have a question. Should I weld up the holes around the wheel arches? They don't seem to match the holes in my Cooper S flares. Thoughts?




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          Full detailed photo album here:

          355 images and growing...
          296 hours so far...


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            Unless there is reason to believe the car left the factory with the holes in the wheel arches, I would weld them. Holes are hard to paint properly and the wheel wells are a great place for rust to start. On second thought, I would weld them up anyway. If they are original I would measure the placement accurately so the holes can be replaced at a later date.

            Nice looking car.


            If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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              Welding up the holes seems to be the consensus of the Aussies at Ausmini too. I've seen a lot of OZ Coopers with these holes around the wheel arches. My car didn't ship with flares, but the state of South Australia required flares at some point in time. Holes appear to be factory made, not sure what they were for since they don't match the hole locations of my Aussie repro flares.


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                Where did you find the Aussie repro flares?


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                  Minisport Australia had two sets when I purchased mine. Looks like they are out of stock now.

                  I think that John at MiniKing (Australia) has some made once a year. He didn't have a complete set, so MiniSport was it.

                  I might sell the set that I have and go with the original flareless look (undecided).

                  I've been told the wider Aussie style flares will be available in about 9 months - those look really cool. I'm told this company owns the molds to the wider flares, but they have not responded to email and I haven't called them.


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                    One thing to keep in mind is that they are not the easiest flare to fit since they require a metal strap for support.

                    Right rear flare strap riveted on and sealed against rust.

                    Right front...

                    Left rear with flare sitting on strap.

                    Left rear...