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66 Morris Cooper S update 1/5/09

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  • 66 Morris Cooper S update 1/5/09

    Well, it has been a while since I've uploaded more pictures. Finally, MY CAR HAS WINGS!!!


    Let's see, long list of items done to car.

    After much effort and frustration with off the shelf door step panels for the driver's side, Gunnar took a sample to Ballard Sheet Metal for some custom work. This was for the door step bends that seemed to be a bit different on this Aussie car. Gunnar basically made the driver's side door step from scratch with the help of Ballard Sheet Metal's panel.

    So, the driver's side floor is pretty much complete, including the inner sill, rocker, jack point, factory shell mount/brace, etc. The rocker has a SINGLE vent just like the original - what a HUGE effort to maintain originality. Gunnar's metal shrinker and dollies got a workout here.

    The carpet snap mounts were way off from one side to the other. Gunnar corrected this by removing and welding into place so each side matches. I know, small detail, but it was bugging me...

    Driver's door has been reskinned and door pocket repaired. This door skin was in pretty bad shape. This of course required the usual work to transform the skin into an Australian version. Gunnar even added brazing to match original.

    The passenger door pocket is pretty trashed and the door skin on this door isn't as good as we originally thought (it was so much better than the driver's side that we overlooked the dents and imperfections)

    Inner hinge A-panel replaced on passenger side.

    Inner and outer A-panel replaced on driver's side.

    Radiator fan surround straightened and repaired including one of the little triangle tabs that had broken off.

    Wings are in place, but not fully fitted until the front panel is in place and we decide what to do with the bonnet. The wings were a ROUGH fit. One driver's side replacement wing was tossed to the side in favor of another. Lots of 4 letter words invested in the fitment of the wings, but no expensive panels were thrown or stomped on (to my knowledge). So far, just a rocker panel has suffered this type of demise.

    Bonnet. An original Australian bonnet is in place with the typical brazing points. The bad news is that there is about 1/2" gap at the back. Not sure if we'll order a new bonnet or work with the existing one. The gaps along the wings are currently great. A new bonnet could fit worse...

    Lastly, the driver's side gutters have also been repaired since my last posting.

    I'm sure there are many more little items around the car that have been repaired and straightened, but these are the highlights....

    I almost forgot. I took my Contessa wheels to Dependable Wheel for repair. They came back looking great - they just need paint.

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    I think that the 1/2" gap you mentioned could be a blessing in disguise.

    Case in point: mine has less of a gap, and I've managed to scrape off a couple layers of paint from the rear lip when opening the newly re-attached hood without checking clearances first!

    I've removed my hood from its hinges at least four times for various reasons, and I've found that as long as the (non-absorbent) sponge is correctly fitted in the channel, its purpose as a runoff block works perfectly fine when the hood is closed well.
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      I think Gunnar ordered a new bonnet today. Extending the existing bonnet in the rear wasn't going well. The bonnet is pretty much tensioned in the corners without central support, so welding can, and did start warping the metal.

      I hear you though, I do want enough clearance for not scraping paint and rubbing through from normal vibration. The gap in the back is worse than it looks in the pictures.


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        The car looks terrific, Mark. It's great fun watching it take shape.

        It takes me back to those days (not all that long ago) when I'd make the weekly drive up I-5 to Gunnar's to see my car coming together. Every trip was like a little Christmas because I got to unwrap a bit more of my present.

        Before you know it, you're going to have a spectacular Mini.


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          Thanks for the encouragement! This is the most expensive Christmas present I've ever purchased.

          I must say Skype is a wonderful thing. Just spent the day off and on with Aussies tracking down parts. I found a passenger door pocket for $10 plus shipping. With each part comes a story. This guy had a 67 Mini Deluxe that was in perfect original condition - no rust - until it was totaled in an accident. The passenger door was one of the pieces still unharmed and stashed under his house for safe keeping. So, a post on, a few messages, and $1.40 call over the Internet and I should have a door pocket shipped tomorrow from New South Wales Newcastle to Newcastle, WA.

          Another interesting bit from this guy. He has a change jar in his garage where he has collected the loose change he has found over the years in Minis he has restored...



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            And now it has a pretty new nose and bonnet...more pictures posted in the album.