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    I left home at 8:30 AM on New Years Day, Arrrrggg, for the sixth "Scenic" Mulled Wine and Mince Pie" Run- Olympia to Montesano" as navigator to Mark Adler in his MG-TF "1500". This is what I think is known as a gimmick rally in that time is of no importance, one just needs to keep accurate track of mileage and respond to clues or questions provided in a 13 page tour guide. Directions are indicated in the "tulip note" form. The bulb of the tulip diagram is the entrance to an intersection and an arrow is the intended exit. Notes provide street names and landmarks to follow. The team that answers the most clues correctly WINS!

    We found a rallye to be a bit like golf, a good walk (drive) spoiled, but warmed to it as the day progressed. It's good to be able to set your own pace and still end up at the same place with friends. Seeing competitors going the opposite direction than you is always fun.

    Mark and I had 33 of 40 questions answered correctly. Not bad for our first rally, the winners tied with 36.

    It's clear that a lot of work went into this day. Many thanks to Sara and Paul for the organization and hospitality. Thanks to the all the other MG folks too, they're crazy, just like us!


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    Gimmick rallyes can be lots of fun, but still take lots of work to set up...and even more work when tulip instructions are used.
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