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Fire and Minis don't mix...

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  • Fire and Minis don't mix...

    So I had a bit of an emergency last Friday, and Marlisse is currently off the road. Looks like I had something spark in the boot which caused some paper towels to catch fire, and well, she can still run but the interior is shot. I wrote a post on my site about it here:

    Some photos:
    Back Seat:



    I was hoping to make it to the meet this month, but it looks like I'll be car-less for a bit while I figure out the insurance and repair issues. I might just rip out the back seat and the ceiling stuff and use the insurance money to get a jump on my loan, we'll see.

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    Sorry to hear about the problems.

    Boot fires are not common, but when they happen the most common cause is a battery that does not have a cover and metal objects in the boot allowed to "roam" freely. It's pretty scary what I see when I work on cars.
    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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      These darn LBC's; always trying to let the smoke out of the electrical systems! No, but seriously, I too am sorry for your fire. I have another headliner for you to replace yours with if you are interested. You may be able to save the frame work of the back seat and reupholster if you are adventurous. Let me know if you are interested in the headliner. In order to replace it, you'll need to pull the windows and their seals. It's best done warm so you can stretch out the fabric as you go. There is an excellent procedure thread with photos on doing it on Mini Mania's forums page. Search there, possibly as far back as 6-8 months.
      Best of luck, and best regards,