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66 Morris Cooper S - Gunnar's pics

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  • 66 Morris Cooper S - Gunnar's pics

    I added Gunnar's pics to my 66 Morris Cooper S album.

    It's always nice to reflect back on how bad things were to appreciate the progress being made. It has been frustrating getting several replacement panels that aren't even close to matching the car. One example is the right side door step. Cheap part, but Gunnar is fabricating the repair from scratch since the replacement panels we've tried aren't even close to matching the original shape. Floors and rockers also have been a pain and are highly modified to match original spec. The right floor is coming together nicely, but I haven't posted the pictures I've taken. Gradually working toward the front of the car. Can't wait for the wings and bonnet to be mounted so it starts looking more like a complete car again. Then the door repair... It certainly would be cheaper to purchase a restored Mini, but it's also a nice feeling to save a Mini by restoring it correctly - especially a real Australian Cooper S.


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    Ack, I cringe with every new post. You will have serious karmic surplus in the next mini life. It is coming together and can't wait to see the finished project.

    Got a new battery and tires for my '70 S finally. Those A008's are some stick-y mofos.