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    I've been a member since October and purchased our 1995 Tartan LE SPI at the XXX Car Show.

    I went on the Fall Foilage Run and had a ball.
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    welcome to SAMOA! i know of your car and happy to see you as a new classic mini owner. A japanese spec mini as well! great choice!!!!


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      Hello Mark and Judy-Jo Tyler, We met at last months meeting and welcome too. We look forward to seeing you two at more functions. hmmm I wonder if we have anything happening in the next day or so!


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        Welcome to these boards; we were glad to meet you at the meeting recently. And, of course welcome to the club.

        I too know your car and it's previous owner, Kevin. A good guy, and a good car. You might get a kick out of seeing your green tartan-ness compared up against a red car with tartan-ness. This red car, owned by black flag, is coming to the food drive tomorrow a.m. ( see events, probably the top topic )

        We'll all look forward to seeing you and your car around.

        Best regards,
        All Together Now..... Everybody.......