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What Are You Thankful For This Year?

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  • What Are You Thankful For This Year?

    So what are you Thankful for this year?

    Both Robin and I still have jobs (I'm actually too busy!). Our family is all doing fine. We've got a roof over our head. Robin just found out she passed her National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (Bonu$)!!!! We Got Mini!!!!! We won't be traveling this weekend!! Most of all I am happy that our hardwood flooring painting binge is almost over (which means I can get back to work on said Mini.)!!!

    Have a Great Day of Thanksgiving everyone, take a minute or two to think about what you have been blessed with this year.

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    Life....last year I was on medication, out of work, head shaved, and recovering from burns. So I'm thankful for my wife, my kids, family and friends, new job (that I love) and the chance to make this year better then last. Have an AWSOME turkyday SAMOA. Cheers!
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      I'm thankful for all of you folks at SAMOA that I get to see, and am hoping that I will have more time in the future for spending time with said folk.

      I'm thankful for my job-and I also go my National Boards this time. And while any more money is nice, I honestly was in this game for the pride of it! Now I'm on the snotty poster the district puts out each year with all the Board Certified teachers!

      I'm thankful for my home, wife and family. Espcially for my newest addition, Pepper Jean! What a freakin' cutie!! Be prepared to run from a daddy with a 120gb device with pictures!
      Bother free is the way to be- Winnie the Pooh


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        ...hey Dave...a new face to defile on that poster!!! 'skidding, congrats!
        My Mini is plastic.


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          I'm thankfull for a long winter weekend of backroads in western Washington!


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            I tightened my fan belt tonight, and every time I put a new divot in my arm or felt another cramp in my back, I had to stop the process to remind myself how thankful I was for the magical stamped-steel nose and how sad you guys were with your sissy removeable grilles.

            Black and blue Dan

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