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    Is there an echo in here?

    I'll drive my car as much as I can over the winter, but I don't suppose it'll get a whole lot of exercise. I'll probably just keep cleaning it up, refurbing some of those parts I rushed last summer, playing with the 123 distributor, and looking for more of that North Dakota dust in the nooks and crannies. I'd also like to build or buy a locking box for the bed.

    What kinds of winter projects do you guys have in mind for your Minis?


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    Probably helping Dan fix his sump plug.
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      Im working on some other peoples winter projects....but if I have some down time, I will be welding a new frount end on my '60 Morris van ...oh ya, and finding out what happen to 2nd gear in my A+ 1275.
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        Got a list of things to do this winter thanks to some help from Chuck:

        -replacing front subframe bushings
        -replacing one rear wheel bearing and repacking the other
        -flushing my clutch fluid
        -installing adjustable camber lower control arms and poly bushings
        -replacing tie rod gaitors which are falling apart
        -replacing a bad engine mount
        -fixing an exhaust leak
        -replacing bad engine stabilizer bushings
        -misc small projects
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          cleaning all the interior of my 2 innos:
          took all seats interior trim off
          rearwheel interior
          headrest etc.
          By doing this I discovered on the 2 rearside trimmings on the back a
          stamped: April 1974,
          This Inno is a 1974, but never really pinpoint to the month built,
          even in this case it shows when the trim was made not the car.,
          But there other spots, where i can find the month of car built
          Subframe( but it had to come off)
          Swivel hub
          and i think the windshield motot, have to look.

          Question: putting back the interior trim for the 2 new rear wheel covers.
          how do you do it lay there or glue it on??


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            I've got to figure out why my turn signals AND my horn have failed me, not to mention my rear back-up light.

            So, mostly electrical work.

            As for the rear wheel well upholstery question:

            I put the material in place first, and carefully trimmed the excess away, especially where most of it was concealed by the seat cushion(s).

            This stuff is rarely a perfect fit, and I didn't intend to use any foam backing, so I liberally applied Gorilla Glue in a zig-zag pattern and hand-stretched the material taut against the wheel well until it dried enough to hold itself in place.

            Gorilla Glue expands well, and the few air pockets I had (especially along the seam) were soon taken care of when the glue dried completely.
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              Patti has told me that I have been watching too much TV lately and maybe I should think about going out to the shop and start another mini project.... She doesn't realize it will be cheaper for me to stay in and watch TV instead!