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66 Morris Cooper S progress

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  • 66 Morris Cooper S progress

    Photo album:

    Visited Gunnar today. Here's a quick update on progress...

    Boot floor progress:
    Boot floor replacement is almost finished. The replacement Heritage panel had different stampings, additional holes, etc. so Gunnar performed complex surgery on the panel to preserve the original brazing, stampings, and double layer sheet metal on the seat support. The panel is just tacked into place in the rear seat area, but you can see Gunnar's excellent work. Rear boot is pretty much complete with new battery box. The bottom of the seat back had many rust holes and new metal is now in place.

    Other stuff:
    Roof gutters straightened a bit, left rear corner of gutter removed for repair, section below gutter on left side repaired, front brace repaired, rear parcel shelf rust repaired, left rear seam holes repaired, right inner fender straightened.

    Removed the closing panel below the left lower windshield panel and found more rust!

    1) Heritage rocker panels have six vents, where the Australian cars had only one. We sent those back in favor of reproduction panels with fewer vents thinking we'd save money cutting those out and putting straight sheet metal in place. Well, the repros were crap and I guess Gunnar will remove 10 vents.
    2) Door steps ordered were the wrong part, so these will be exchanged

    All for now, new pictures added to album.