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I wanna trade my mkII morris cooper for a jap spec car

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  • I wanna trade my mkII morris cooper for a jap spec car

    I am wanting to trade my mkII MORRIS COOPER for a japenese spec mini, I saw James Ts car and its what I should have bought in the first place! I have alot of extras etc. for my car, it needs a little love to be perfect but I have all the stuff to do that! Its a true 1967 morris mini cooper vin is correct for motor and shell, I dont want to do the mods for my 6 year old to ride in it, and that would also take the car away from original! If your out there and want a real mini cooper and have one of these I would like to talk to you!!!!!!!

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    You are looking for a Mini with door bars and the reinforcement(s) of the MK IV and later cars right?

    If that is what you are looking for it could be a later car from the Japanese, German or English markets.


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      They would work, but the a.c. and all very cool!!!! The cars else where seem to be alot more expensive as well, there are a few late model cars on Mini Manias sight that are around 20k. I understand the Japanese cars are half that!
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        Truthfully, if I were looking for another late model I would be looking for one with a full length sunroof rather than A.C.. Our Mini has a Webasto electric sunroof, I wouldn't trade that for any air conditioning. You get the all the benefits of a convert. Then close the roof on the fly when the weather gets too cool to cruise with your top exposed! Try that with a convertible.

        Another thing I would look for would be a center binnacle conversion, the late dash is cool it just doesn't scream Mini like a center binnacle.
        Try to find one with carb(s) Vs. Fuel Injection SPI/MPI, there are few who understand the Mini's injection system. (although we have two who understand them in the club right now.
        Anybody else with a late model want to provide a little feed back, help?


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          You might try giving a little information about your car