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Shipping engine/trans from UK - HELP!

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  • Shipping engine/trans from UK - HELP!

    I'm hoping someone can give me some direction to who would be the best carrier to ship an engine from the UK, london approximately. A friend of mine who lives in our area bought an engine/trans assembly complete and is having problems with the seller (in the UK) shipping the engine. The seller claims he/she is having trouble finding a shipping company or something of the sort. Can someone give me some information to pass on to this seller to get the ball rolling? Thank you!


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    Tim, I'd have your friend e-mail [email protected], explain what's going on, and ask him if Phoenix can help. Among Mini owners, Phoenix is the No. 1 outfit for getting cars into the States from the UK. They shipped my Mini from Southampton to Tacoma in 2002. They ought to be able to find the best way to get an engine and transmission across the pond.


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      Hey thanks Dan! i'll pass this information on to him!