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Mini Monster Truck

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  • Mini Monster Truck

    Issogonis would roll in his grave if he could see this, but here ya go.
    Mini Monster Truck

    this was old news as many of you have probably already seen this one from the tokyo auto salon of 2004.

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    Sort of typical for Japanese "Customizers" to take something cool and make an abortion out of it. Thinking they are cutting edge.

    You should see what they have done to some really well built Hot Rods. Stuff like stripping really nice paint, spraying the bare metal with salt water leaving it outside for weeks then clear coating over the rust. If they wanted rust why didn't they buy rust in the first place?

    Just another case of people with more money than brains! Can't paint them all with the same brush, they aren't the only ones out there with some really strange ideas.


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      rusty vw golf

      rusty ***<didn't realize B M W was sensored>

      rusty hoods

      all these cars look/appear to be from either the US or Europe, didnt see any from japan. So i guess "they" are not the only ones afterall.

      No sense in pointing fingers at Japan for rediculous ideas like a monster truck mini. I've seen several of them in the US before i ever did in Japan...just none as showy as the one in Tokyo.