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Gilmore Automotive - In Seattle- Know Anything?

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  • Gilmore Automotive - In Seattle- Know Anything?

    Any of you Seattle-Lites know anything about Gilmore Automotive in the north end?

    The former owner Joe Gjerstad, has sold Gilmore Automotive, where he had been commuting from Silverdale for over 30 years.

    Opening "Old School Automotive" here in Port Orchard. Article in the weekly Port Orchard paper says that he is targeting classic cars, European cars, English cars. For right now he is specializing in mechanical and later may do upholstery work.

    I am sort of thinking about taking my Mini to him to take care of some odds and ends. Chuck has sort of said more than once that he would rather not skin his knuckles on the Neo-Classic's. Can't say as I blame him things are tight under the hood, compared to Mk III and earlier Mini's.

    Plus my back has been giving me fits so the prospect of spending time on a concrete garage floor doesn't sound like a great time. I could do it but wouldn't enjoy cruising around in the Mini later the same day!

    So if anyone knows anything about his former shop, Gilmore Automotive let me know. Doesn't have to pertain to work done on Mini's either could be Honda's, VW's, Saab's as it sounded like his former shop did a lot of European stuff.


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    Skip, I do a lot of work on the late cars. Depends upon what you want done and when you want it done.
    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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      Oops, I stand corrected. Chuck does work on Neo-Classic Mini's, I must have misinterperated his less than enthusiastic recount of working on a certain black Neo-Classic. I know he did say that with all the extra junk tossed under the hood over the years made for a tight workspace. Thanks for the offer Chuck we appreciate it.
      I might have a Mini Doc who does house calls coming to the rescue of my garage floor, leaky situation!


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        Skip, hope you got your fuel richness issue sorted. Just so you know, i have most SPI sensors in stock at my garage if you need replacements. And Kevin has a Sykes Pickavant ECU tool for SPI and MPI with the later modules. (doubt you'll need this, but may help to find the issue faster)