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  • Itty Bitty Teardrop Trailer

    I've always had a soft spot for Teardrop Trailers. The pixtures of James T. towing Ted back to the Minimeet got me thinking about them again.

    While surfing around looking at some of the neat trailers and what their owners have done with them. I ran across "Bubba's Trailer Park" who are manufacturing an exact copy of the original 1946 - 1948 "Kit" manufacturing teardrop trailer from the original plans. The whole trailer weighs in at 690 pounds with a 125 pound tongue weight. (Depending on what you have in the icebox and how many rocks you pick up along the way.)

    That's almost do-able with a Mini Sedan, certainly well with in the realm of possibility with a LWB Mini. Maybe say a sweet lil' red Mini Truck. Certainly behind a certain "Yeller German Mini on Steroids" which accompainied its diminutive elders back east.

    The website shows one being towed by a VW Beetle, one of the SAAB (Slobs) guys tows a teardrop behind his two stroke "old 96'er" (sounds like an Evinrude trolling for salmon).

    If you could haul an adult or two scrunched up in the back seat you could probably manage the 125 lb toungue weight instead. With a freash set of cones in the back just so it didn't look too saggy.

    If it wern't illeagle you could toss the kids in the trailer and make tracks, ask my two they would tell you I'd have done it leagle or not!!!

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    Hmmmm... I wonder what it would look like with 10-inch wheels back there.

    On the trip to Winona, I carried Dorothea's cooler, and that weighed about 690 lbs. Something like this teardrop should be a snap for my pickup.


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