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    This off the Seven Enterprises website:

    Doug Peterson, in the Fortech/Seven Enterprises Mini beat Joe Huffaker at the CLASSIC MINI 50th ANNIVERSARY CAN-AM CHALLENGE at Brainerd International Raceway June 28. Bob Beauchemin, Greg Wold and Dyrk Bolger fought hard just behind the leaders with Beachemin finishing 3rd, and Wold and Bolger in 4th and 5th.

    Beauchemin, of course, was driving the same Mini he's raced since the '70s, now owned and prepared by SAMOA's Aaron Anderson!

    Since both the Fortech and Huffaker cars are pure race cars with just a thin Mini shell, Bob and Aaron can now claim to having the fastest "real" Mini in North America. Way to go guys!

    The story of how the Fortech Mini won the 2009 Can-Am Challenge

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    1963 Riley Elf MkII - Baba O

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    Absolutely! Congratulations, Aaron! Nice work!
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    All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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      Thanks Guys, As most know I have been working on the car for nine months now. Last year at infinion raceway the power unit blew up with a stripped pinion gear. Causing major damage to the transmission while we were at it the engine was redone with new specs on almost everything. Kelly came through with the critical parts we needed. Thanks Kelly! The suspension was redesigned with new geometry and the brakes were upgraded to a mix of cooper S, 1100 (yes 1100), and 8.4 parts. with custom steering arms I made. since no one we knew had done this before, a lot of it was figured out as we went. Plagued by a misfire at high revs 5000 and above it was looking like it was not going to happen for us luckily jim fletcher and Marcel were there to help with diagnosis. I just happened to throw a 123 dizzy in the spares box when we left. in it went and off to the races we went. Sat around in the morning and just before the race the starter went. Again i had removed the starter from my 1100 and had thrown it in the box also. five minutes later it was started. Since the track did not have a sound limit Bob suggested we use a megaphone he has had since the 60's. Loud is not the word for it more like thunder. Especially when going under the bridge. Three times Bob went off the track but powered on again to catch up. and pass for the lead. Excluding huffaker and doug peterson which were way ahead in their own battle. I want to thank everyone that came over and added their input and or assistance. John at autosport was particularly helpful getting the carb right. Thanks again. Aaron P.S. Racegirl Dawn is the best!
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