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  • This Might Be Fun To Crash!!

    Found this on one of the VW boards that I participate in, I know it's comming up soon but for you north-enders it starts in Bellevue.

    It's for the finest European cars, OK so what could be a Finer European Car than a Classic Mini?
    They may have heard about our Vashon exploits, as they state the following;

    "This event is not a speed or racing event, this is a casual cruise through some very scenic roads in Washington State. If you want to speed, please do it somewhere else." ( Like where? Vashon Island?? )

    We don't really speed, we just cruise fast especially around corners!!

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    We've been known to hang out near Levenworth (Plain, Wa) with VW's. Bob and Margaret Holland brought this yellow gem.

    We're also open to crashing just about any function available, but will be on Vashon tomorrow.



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      Stop teasing with the Boltzwagen pix, it's a pre '67 the big lights give that away. '63 was the last year for the sliding rag top. This one's got a small factory hole in the roof so I'd have to say '64 or '65 (Not a '66 I hope).

      Back in the day no one in their right mind fooled around with '66 Volkswagens as it was the worst year metallurgically for axles, gears, cranks, engine and transaxle cases. I am sure as a result of this a few unmolested 66's still exist.)

      I looked on the Leavenworth runs site and they say that it attracts upwards of 300 cars. Too many people in a small place for me. Just thought I'd pass it along as someone will probably be interested.
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        Years ago (I find myself saying that way too often) Marian, James, Kyle (a school/scout friend) and I went car camping at Lake Wenatchee State Park. The local mosquitos were beyond annoying so we broke camp and headed for Tumwater Campground. We'd driven past this campground many times thinking it was way too close to the road for a decent night outback. Come to find a lot of great sites along the Wenatchee River and a local tributary. We've been back at least once a year since.
        The automotive aspect to this ramble is the Beaver Valley/ Chumstick Highway/ Hwy 209 run from Lake Wenatchee through Plain and on to Leavenworth. A few twisties and a lot of beautifull valley and farm views not to mention a couple of wineries. Thus the photo of the Mini and the VW.
        Leavenworth is memorable to me for its 7 pound bags of ice. No other reason to go there that I can see.
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          Note that this ( is a Children's Hospital Event! $10 to participate. Do the Hwy 209 thing on your way home.