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  • Memorial Day

    Try to remember the purpose of this holiday. It's not another day off from work, although that's what holidays in the US have become-just another chance for Sears to sell you a washer/dryer combo.

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    Yep, A few folks came to mind today.
    My Dad, Delbert Dixon, 20 years in the Coast Guard,20 years Civil Service after that. He was sent to Dutch Harbor Alaska the day after it was attacked by the Japanese, June 4, 1942. Thanks Dad, for not being there on the 4th.
    August Dailer the third, born on August the third, what else could they call him? Forward observer in the Army during Vietnam. Good sailing buddy.
    Jerry Miller, retired helicopter pilot, at HIS AGE he had to have been in Southeast Asia.
    Kayrnne Williams, retired Navy MP and heavy equipment operator. I pitty the poor bastard that stole her wheels and tires.
    Chase Coward, Admits to being a federal law enforcement officer and a "mechanic" in the US Coast Guard. I pitty the poor bastard that stole Karynne's wheels and tires.
    A heartfelt THANK YOU to all that have served.
    Don Dixon


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      Thanks Don for reminding me to say thank you to:
      A great-uncle who was 6'4", too tall for the trenches and was killed by a sniper in France in WW1.
      Another great-uncle who served his time in France in WW1 and came home.
      My dad who was a drill sgt. for the wash. nat. guard and trained troops at the old guard armory that is now the food circus at the seattle center for WW2.
      My father-in-law who was in the second wave of troops landing in france on d-day, who came home to father a daughter who became my wife.
      An old friend in B.C. who ,in the canadian army, fought side by side with U.S. troops against an invasion in Alaska.
      He turned 90 a few weeks ago.
      friends from high school who went to Nam, some came home others did not.

      Thanks for what you did so that I could put a flag on my home yesterday.



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        Yesterday morning was spent at Tahoma National Cemetery visiting my Dad's grave. He served in an Army Artillery unit in Korea. Then went on to put in 35 more years in the Washington State National Guard. He and his Guard Unit were outside the Red Zone on May 18th 1980 when Mount St. Helens blew her top. We still have little baggies of Ash from the Red Zone.

        Looked up an old buddy's Dad's grave while we were there, he served WW II in Europe. We saw another guy we knew, he served in the Pacific Theater aboard a destroyer and a carrier.

        I also stopped to think about my Uncle in Colorado, he landed on one of the beaches on "D" day, he was also at the Battle of the Bulge with an Army Ranger outfit. I found most of this out at his funeral a few years back, he remained silent about it all those years. He retired Captain of the guards at Colorado State Penitentiary. He was a big guy too sort of reminded me of Chuck Connors.

        Over the years I have been touched by many Vets from many different conflicts. They were my teachers, coaches, scout leaders, neighbors, friends Dads, my Dad. I am better for knowing all of them they taught me the sense of duty and honor.

        Thankfully when it came my time there was no conflict, because of these and other guys just like them I didn't have to go.

        To you who served or are serving now as is my son Scott (Navy). I want to say thanks, I owe you a lot.