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  • huh?

    ran off with the wife about a week ago to portland for the night, and on the way down saw a guy with a mini. turned out to be an inno, but the it looked like the front end had been lengthened to make room for the 13's and a different motor (as there was a roll cage too). it was ratty looking b.r.g. body and primered front fenders. the truck towing it was driven by no one i knew (older guy with big white santa beard).

    anyone know the car or the person towing it south on I-5?
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    Hi Dave, all,
    See the ad for this vtec powered Mini for sale. I think it is one and the same cuz the owner is from the vancouver, wa area. He is selling it out of frustration after the shop who did work wouldn't back the need for a new hodna motor block. I don't know the guy or the situation, but I feel bad for him because you can see that he was really into it. Anyways, it sounds like what he shows in the pic in the ad on MM. See the link

    For those trying to get into the VTEC Mini world, this could be an incredibly cheap way to go, even more so if you have a B20 block around.

    Best regards,
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      you are good!! that was it!! didn't really think anyone would know! you amaze me!!
      Bother free is the way to be- Winnie the Pooh