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2002, or 2003 classic mini?

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  • 2002, or 2003 classic mini?

    this isn't the first time i've seen these "later then late" model mini's in Japan... I saw this Mini Seven that was a claimed 2003 model at Delta Mini Japan, and now there are two other cars here at thames that are claimed to be a 2002 and 2003 classic mini... but every one of these late model minis are the "seven" model...I've seen several Seven's that are 2002 or 2003 models on Yahoo Auctions as well.. can't be a common typo?! never a cooper or cooper sport 500 or whatever the last ones to roll off the line. I'm curious to know more about this. Anyone care to comment?


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    Evidently they have a slow shipper!! Seriously, it could be that this is the first year that the car was registered for the road. Being that I cannot read the descriptions, they are either low or no milage right?


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      My Heritage shell project is a 2002, 3, or 4. So MAYBE? they're using the reshelling date? Just a thought; I don't know how it's done over there.
      I'm thinking of selling it, so I'll have to post it as an 03 classic Mini.

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