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Run Around the Peninsula II - Refried

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  • Run Around the Peninsula II - Refried

    Can you say soggy!! By all reports those who made it had fun. Even James who couldn't miss the opportunity to show his mechanical prowess, exposing seldom seen parts of his beautiful blue MK I.

    We met as in past years at the fabulous Fred Meyer store off of Sedgewick Road in Port Orchard. After a brief java jolt at Starbucks and hearing that the Datsun guys had somehow missed the boat. (There could be a joke inserted here.) We had seven Minis making the trip, an appropriate number in mini-dom!

    We then took a leisurely start heading to the beautiful town of Belfair (double wide capital of western Washington!) for the SR 106 turn off around Hood Canal. Normally I would be raving about the outstanding views of the Olympic mountain range. We never saw them all day, the view that you get from there is an almost reach out and touch them view. Gotta be able to see more than low clouds.

    Turning onto the Purdy Cut-Off road we were met with some really nice tight and twisty roads that would have been much more fun at say 55 or 60 MPH. We really would have been doing that speed, had I not been reminded that maybe people behind us might want to look at the scenery. That being the Skokomish river.

    The first scheduled stop was Hoodsport Winery. Where all sampled some of their award winning wines. It sold itself! If you are ever in that area you should stop, the two ladies were both entertaining and very knowledgeable about their wines. (If it's open, ask to try the Raspberry wine, it's a treat!)

    Back onto US 101 Don took the lead taking us to our next scheduled stop of Camp Parsons. A beautifully situated Boy Scout Camp, had the weather been clearer the views would have been spectacular! Now last time I was at a Boy Scout camp I don't remember them having cabins. Camp Parsons has 'em though. They are a little on the "rustic side" as I heard one comment. Really nice though. Hey they are supposed to be learning life skills and character building out there. You don't get that at the Holiday Inn!

    At the flip of a coin Don resumed lead taking us in through Quillcene to our first unscheduled stop. Where James' points decided to go on strike, with resounding backfires that we could hear at the back of the pack! No amount of negotiating, filing or WD 40 got them to work. Don even volunteered a set that he had in his spares. The connection wasn't right so they didn't fit. (I thought we left the character building at Camp Parsons.)

    After conversing with a couple of the locals and an interested passer by James decided that he would leave his Mini where it sat, get points, fixing it later.

    This leads us to our second unscheduled stop. Westbay Auto Parts in Port Townsend. James was able to get a set of points there, after the usual well it's for a Mini but MG Midget will fit. The guy behind the counter earned his money on that sale for sure, he must have consulted every book they had!

    Ed had to separate from the group, where we last saw him turning in to McDonald's in Port Townsend. He had a 5 PM engagement to make. He did email me when he got home and said that he had a great time.

    The group then stopped in Port Townsend for lunch at the Public House on Water street. The fish and chips were good as usual. After lunch there was time to hit a few shops, Bergstrom's being the first. The poor ladies were troopers, as this is a "Man Store" all the way! From there we said our good byes, splitting up to head home. From the smiles it looked like a good time was had by all.

    I forgot a camera yesterday, who ever got pictures could you please post them.

    Thanks everybody Robin and I had fun planning the trip.

    I have another route around the Seabeck area that we are going to see about putting together may be for a "Fall Foliage Run". Might even see if I can't get some guys from the Puget Sound SAAB club to go with us. Let me know if you're interested.
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    i'm in as long as it's not in september. too many other commitments that month. as for the continuing adventures of james and the magic points:

    we returned to the mini to find our faithfully stoned meth-maid watching over the car. apparently she had brought every person she knew in quilicene to look at the "coolest" little car she had ever seen. we worked (james worked, while i turned it over occasionally) for a hour or so, and nothing. so james stayed with his car to prevent the locals from slobbering on it or worse, and i hightailed it to gig harbor to get my truck and trailer. the gig harbor police decided that my woody wagon was capable of 45 in a 35, to which i wasn't gonna argue since it's the fastest the mini can go, and pulled me over, but only sited me for missing insurance cards (which had been put in a box in the back by james when he detailed it). i got back about 10-ish to find james mostly frozen and asleep under his fleece jacket that was subbing as a blanket. we almost had another incident as the mini slid sideways off the trailer from the coating of algae growing on the wood, but eventually got on the road. by the time we hit spanaway/south east pierce county, it was a blizzard and we switched to 4 wheel drive to get to james house which was buried under 4 inches of snow. i made it home myself about midnight as the snow let up by the time i got out of graham and into puyallup.

    anything i forgot james?
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      Every day is an adventure with a mini.


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        Marian and I stopped for a brief visit with James and his new found "Quilcene Friend" at about 6:00 PM. Having been assured that he was in good hands we continued on our way...Don


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          Thats about it Dave,
          The car is still on the trailer, took a brake from minis yesturday to take the RR up into the hills for a bit of 4 wheeling in the snow. so I still have not figured out why the new parts didnt work.

          Thanks again to all for your time and support, and extra thanks to Dave going beyond the call of duty to drive all that way and trailer me home!

          "remember, in this country, they drive on the wrong side of the road"
          ‘64 Austin Countryman-???
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            A swell time I'd say!
            The Seattle group heading for Vashon.

            Peter and Joan joining us.

            Camp Parsons boathouse.

            The Ladies.

            to be continued....


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              The Gentlemen.


              Chris and Doug came up with the umbrella. Ed came in handy.

              After the crowd split up in PT Marian and I hit the the LOCAL brewhouse for one more round, walked the town a bit, then headed back towards Brinnon. We stopped, surprised that James was still hanging out in Quilcene! He had a new local best friend that shared distributor stories galore, none of which applied to James' predicament. To watch the ever polite James try to tell the guy to kiss off ........I'm still laughing.
              We snuck back into Camp and spent a cozy night in the Health Lodge. When I woke all I had to do was tilt my head to take in the sunshine over Jackson Cove, what a beautiful morning!

              Breakfast at The Halfway House (Hangtown Fry and Mexican Omlette, excellent!) in Brinnon. Home via the Hood Canal Bridge, Bainbridge ferry.
              We are ready to do it again next weekend. Don and Marian.


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                Sorry to have missed the Port Angeles/Whidby contingent as we were a bit late. Did you folks meet up? Don


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                  I love the picture of Ed holding the umbrella. He sort of looks like "Father Flanagan" rendering the last rites! Dave behind him crying at the loss of another good Mini. Thankfully James has the power to resurrect the dead Mini!

                  The Quilcene locals were worth the price of admission. I don't think they get out too much. Seriously it is rather refreshing to see people these days who will stop what they are doing to see if they can help a stranger out. You have to admit our group can be rather strange at times. I only wish that James' fix had been easier as in on the side of the road.

                  I looked at my front brake which I knew was dragging a little bit. It's now dragging a lot. Haven't pulled the caliper off yet but I'm pretty sure what I'll find when I pop the piston out. I thought only the body rusted on Minis.

                  Actually this is probably good timing as I have been thinking about a set of grooved rotors and green stuff pads, maybe a right front caliper.


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                    How appropriate, the Dead End sign!
                    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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                      Friday afternoon I was still optipesimistic that the forcast was wrong.... With the Clurbo not having a heater or demister I thought It best not to venture out.... so you can say I purposely missed the boat.


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                        Rehash the Refry at Don


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                          That's neat stuff, I think. Does MW supply magnifying glasses to go with their web site?
                          The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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                            Thanks Don for the report and pics.


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                              Originally posted by Dixminion View Post
                              Rehash the Refry at Don
                              went to the link over and over, and it kept dropping the last part of the line and i couldn't get to anything but the main index.
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