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Whens the last time you saw Mark drive a mini?

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  • Whens the last time you saw Mark drive a mini?

    I have never seen Mark Hurston drive a mini. He said he couldn't remember the last time he drove his own mini, well after getting my butt kicked all day I got his clubman running. After a little convincing (he had some where to go and need a shower, plus only one brake worked) I got him in and going in circles. Heres a short bad quality phone video I took today.
    YAAAAAAAAAAAA Mark!!!!!!!


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    I couldn't see Mark behind the wheel in the video so I still don't believe it. But imagine the smile on his face if it were true.


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      Heck, it put a smile on MY face!!
      Good on ya Mark.
      My Mini is plastic.


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        I'm with Don. Won't believe it until I see it in person. Seeing Mark driving a Mini is about as rare as seeing Jeff not driving one.
        The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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          Ok ok ok ok you all bring up very good points. I will get a better video and pictures and for Chuck I will do my best to show you in person. Unfortunately as for brakes he would be better off relying on attaching an anchor to the subframe and throwing it out the window.



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            I too am unable to make a positive I.D. on the driver...

            It must be a radio controlled car with other miniature cars parked around to make it look real!!

            I am absolutely sure that if it were really Mark that we could see the goofy grin. Plastic miniatures can't grin. Has to be trick photography!!

            It did appear that the unidentifiable driver was having a good time


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              Yes, it was me! - Thanks to Chase!

              Well, to make a long story longer..... It did actually happen, After approximately 8 hours of me and another buddy messing around with a brand x while Chase was kind enough to put in the replacement starter on the "Yellow Submarine". I can confirm that he did get it running, and me and the other Mark ran out in to that area ( I was yelling something like, "break time" ) with grins so wide.

              Chase, you really made my day! Well, maybe that's made my year!

              You see, I haven't driven my own Mini for approximately 18 years, not that I've been counting! So, after having to call it a day on the other car, Chase and I agreed that we needed to have me drive the now running Mini! How could I turn that down? I'd be late for going out just for that opportunity!

              Little did I know the video would end up on the internet.... Heee Heeee

              Yes my grin is wide. Our daughter, and our dog, took a little test drive around the neighborhood today. Sure, it needs a little. But it got us down the block and back!

              Thanks again, Chase. You rock.

              Best regards,
              All Together Now..... Everybody.......