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  • Interested In Run Around Peninsula II?

    I told Peter that I would Plan and Pitch another Run Around the Peninsula II.
    The date Peter and I came up with is next month - March 28 & (29), 2009.
    Who's interested? Peter wants to do an overnighter, (I know that I can for
    sure do Saturday but may have a commitment for Sunday).

    Weather Contingent; There are several possible routes.

    1) Route I Meet at Port Orchard Fred Meyer Store -
    Would be repeat the route we took the last time. Begin Port Orchard
    Ferry Dock, follow SR 3 to US 101 around Scenic Hood Canal, Stopping
    in Port Townsend for lunch, a walk about. Then breaking up from there,
    some took the ferry from Port Townsend and across, Peter headed back
    to the Rock somehow, Dave and I followed SR 3 back to the Kitsap
    Peninsula. I think that the drive time + scenic stops was around 3 hours.
    Last time we went there were comments like "I've lived here in Wash my
    whole life and have never driven around Hood Canal" "This is Beautiful!"
    Others just let their camera do the talking! (This is Robin and my favorite
    drive for the afternoon, we've taken this route zillions of times and still
    love it.) - Olympians & vicinity could meet up on US 101 Purdy Creek/
    Potlatch vicinity. This route takes the most time, but offers the most in

    2) Route II Meet Port Orchard Fred Meyer Store -
    Would follow SR 3 to Port Gamble, with possible rendezvous at Kingston for
    The predominate Seattleite crew meet up (minimizes SR 3 drive time, this
    would be the 167 or 405 of the Kitsap Peninsula, you're driving your Mini
    but in a straight line for the most part!) Depending how long the crew is
    interested in staying in Port Gamble, (former Pope & Talbot Lumber town).
    Then zip across the Hood Canal floating bridge where we will head to
    beautiful old Port Townsend for Lunch, depending on time we could head
    further up to Sequim / Port Townsend (Depending on how large a female
    contingent we could stop at one or two Lavender Farms, My brother &
    Sister in law have one right off of US 101. Guys your nose will never be
    the same, gals are attracted to this stuff like cats to catnip!!)

    Those of us who are not doing the overnighter would head back down US 101
    to SR 3 to the ferry or highway of your choice. I can help you with detailed
    directions to most escapes off of the Peninsula.

    For the Overnight Crew My suggestion would be, to continue North on US 101
    making the Olympic Peninsula Loop, this can be done in a day if you are really
    motivated. (I worked on a couple of projects up there and did the loop in a
    day plan several times!) You will end up in Aberdeen area, depending on your
    time constraint a trip to the Ocean Beaches is a possibility, Hey you can
    even drive your Mini on the beach at Ocean Shores (just make sure you
    wash it off after you do!)

    Then head out to meet up with North Bound SR 5 Olympia vicinity, heading to
    where ever home is.

    Overnighters, Lodging Suggestions;
    Red Lion Inn Port Angeles, Motels and B & B's all over Port Townsend,
    Sol Duc Hot Springs, Numerous B & B's along the way all ranging from budget
    to really nice $$$. If you chose to stay in Sequim / Port Angeles you could
    visit the 7 Cedars Casino and donate as much as you want to the local tribal
    gambling operation.

    Let me know if there is a whole bunch of interest in the overnighter option
    and I can help you out with recommendations of where to go or stay out

    Routes are open to input and change as we go, if you know of some cool sites
    of interest along the way let us know, we can probably include it!

    March 28 date is what Peter suggested and has open. This trip can be made
    a little later in the spring, some of the tourist places are at a lul early in the
    season. We can slide the date later if it means more participation.

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    thanks for the nice lay-out .I m comitted to do the trip I like the overnighter
    \myself, What about up to hurrican ridge??
    let s get some feedback from others.


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      Hurricane Ridge would be another option. Not sure if it would be a little early
      in the season to run up the hill. There might still be a bit of snow still.
      You could do two things that way, drive your Mini in the snow and a really
      cool hill climb!
      That is a excellent drive to make during a rare Indian Summer,
      the colors are beyond description!
      Anybody else interested??


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        i can't go!! whah!! the woody burped and quit on the 509 spur in downtown tacoma, and had to be trailered out to james to have a look over. and i got round two of #%$$(&@ national boards to work on. bugger me!!
        Bother free is the way to be- Winnie the Pooh


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          Dave I hear you there with the national board, my hat is off to all you guys and gals who are putting out the over and above effort to get there. I am so glad that Robin is just about there, I'm finally getting her back!!

          (Dave is referring to the National Teachers Board Certification Program, which is as much work for them as a post grad degree, maybe more!)

          If there is enough interest we might be able to shift it a little later in the spring.


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            I'll go for Route I, more time on 101, less on SR3. Is the road to the top of Mt. Walker (just north of Brinnon) open? Might make for a nice photo op. Don


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              We cant make the overnighter but would for sure go for the day.


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                Now that the hi-los are more hi and less lo I bet I could talk someone in particular to come along on the one day version of the trip. Great fun last time we did it. Route I sounds good to me too.

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                1963 Riley Elf MkII - Baba O


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                  So it looks like we have five cars committed to go for Route I on
                  March 28th. The Link below is for the Fauntleroy, Vashon, Southworth run.

                  There are two times leaving Fauntleroy stopping at Vashon then Southworth
                  that aren't too early.

                  Fauntleroy / Vashon / Arrive Southworth
                  first 8:25 AM / 8:50 AM / 9:05 AM
                  second 10:00 AM / 10:25 AM / 10:40 AM

                  It should take another 5 - 10 Minutes to follow Sedgewick Road to the Fred
                  Meyer parking lot where we met up last time. There is both gas and a
                  Starbucks there.

                  From there we will be heading to US 101 Via Belfair we can either follow SR 3
                  from Belfair into Shelton or hit SR 106 along Hood Canal (Same Route as last
                  time) both take you to US 101. SR 3 to Shelton isn't as Scenic but does
                  have a curve or two takes you through Allyn (for a mere blink of the eye)

                  SR 106 offers more Scenic Views of the Olympic Mountains, hopefully the
                  weather is as good as last time, the views are nothing less than spectacular!
                  Make sure that you have your cameras charged and ready, (plenty of film if
                  you still use it).

                  Depending on where the group wants to stop there is the Winery in
                  Hoodsport, they have a nice Ice Cream Shop too and a few other places to
                  snap pix.

                  If the road is open to Mount Walker that is another option, I am open to
                  options this is your trip too if you know of something that the rest of the
                  group would go for speak up! I'm all ears!!

                  Also anyone interested in meeting up with the group in Port Townsend (not
                  exactly sure when the group will arrive) can take the Edmunds ferry across
                  to Kingston suggested sailings would be either the 10:45 AM or 11:30 AM, it
                  is a 30 minute crossing. If you choose this option we will have a cell phone
                  or two with us, just let us know in advance so you can get more than one
                  person's number. Cell service is spotty in a few areas depending on provider.

                  Last time we hit Port Townsend around 12:30 - 1:00 PM and should hit there
                  around the same depending on stops. We had Local Food last time at the
                  Public House, there are several other good eateries in town as well.

                  So far that's all I can think of, if anyone comes up with something post it here
                  for the rest of us.

                  We need a consensus on the ferry departures, so let's hear what you think.
                  later is fine also you'll have to look that one up, but remember it has to be
                  a ferry run that stops at Vashon Island on the way over.

                  Looking forward to another great run around!


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                    A nice curvy side trip would be Beemill road from 101 out to the shellfish research facility at Whitney Point. Beemill is the turnoff to Camp Parsons (for all you former Boy Scouts) and is halfway between Brinnon and Walker Pass.

                    It turns out that we will be making a delivery to Camp Parsons during our run. Ya'll are welcome to join us (might make for another good photo-op) or we'll catch up at the next stop.
                    Last edited by Dixminion; 03-12-2009, 06:27 PM. Reason: added stop


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                      I think we should take the earlier
                      sailing, so I would catch from vashon the
                      8.5o heading to soutworth


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                        y'all are welcome to use me for a resource! I'm more than happy to help plan if any of you want to get all the way to Port Angeles. I know all the back roads, wineries, and we have salmon.



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                          Sorry I didn't speak up sooner, I'm sure I'll hook up with you on the way, at least in Port Townsend.


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                            For those of you who will return to the Seattle area using the Edmonds/Kingston WSF, a word of caution at the Edmonds ferry dock. The Great Northern rail line is a few pavings below the road. You could loose more the your muffler.


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                              The Clurbo's up and Running.... Now let's see 'bout clearing the schedule.