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A sad sight.

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  • A sad sight.

    So I went to a car breaking yard (wrecking yard) to look for some VW parts yesterday. I walk in and on my way to the office I see a truck (close to the one in the pic) moving a car into its bed.

    At first I think nothing of it and keep walk but then as I put my hand on the door handle to the office it hit me. I know those curves, I back stepped a couple feet and slowly turned. By now the crane was pushing it down in the bed to hold it in place. It was a mini. I ran to the guy working the truck and asked if he spoke English and he pointed to the office. I run over there and wait for these two men to stop talking which seemed like days. I asked him what they were doing with the cars on the truck and if I could buy anything off them. He draws me a picture of where they are going (a really good one I might add). They are going to the crusher because there is no more use for them and no I can't buy anything off them. I kinda beg him for a minute but nothing. I walk outside took a picture and watched the truck drive off. I was so mad, sad, happy and every other emotion you can have. I got to see a mini but it was going to the crusher with a perfectly good rear subframe that I needed. Even a day later I am still on fire about it, I bet there was still an engine in it. So many parts going to waste. Ok I just had to vent and I tried telling my mom but she only semi understands.
    Here is a picture of the poor guy.

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    I'm sure gonna miss ol' 323.


    "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." -- George Harrison


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      Especially the rare /03 version.

      About 1971 I attended the big fair in Vancouver. At the stadium, a stunt driver had stacked up several cars on top of each other. The stunt was to drive a big Caddy limo off a ramp on the edge of the stadium into the stacked up cars. Yup. The top car in the stack was a perfectly good Woody. Solid body. Still a good runner. Couldn't talk him out of it. Painful to watch.
      The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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        if buy "perfectly good rear subframe that I needed" you ment very rusty and probibly very week. I'm sure there are some around here. It's hard to see one go like that, but I don't think that you missed all that much.
        "remember, in this country, they drive on the wrong side of the road"
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          Sorry you had to see that Chase. It looks pretty well stripped though. Don


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            Many a pint of Guinness should be spilled in honor. All arise and raise thee glasses and wipe a tear from ones eye.


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              So I found another one that is complete but can't be driven because it doesn't have papers. Guy said I could have whatever I could pull off of it minus the shell. I have been looking for days and can't find a way to get it back. I guess its just not my time. I shall go drink !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                i only "just" got your note about driving 323 down to phoenix. yeeesh.
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