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    I was southbound on Eastlake when I saw and then HEARD an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione take a left in front of me. I slowed at the next intersection in the hope that the Alfa was rounding the block and I'd get another look at it. A glance over my shoulder produced no second glimpse of the car. My focus returned forward to find that Alfa about a quarter mile ahead of me. Don

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    nice, love the 8c Well I love most Alfas


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      The 8C competizione is a beautiful car! Luckily we've seen 4 or 5 of em in my shop already. I understand there is only a handful of them in the washington area. And yes, they sound absolutely amazing! Sure to get your attention with its unique tone of the engine/exhaust!

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        that could be a good run for the club: up to a shop to look at other cool cars! oh wait. we've done that before haven't we? shoot. thought i had a good one there for a second.
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          WoW, that's a really sweet looking car. I'll take two.
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            James wants one for each of his kids. He'll "take care" of the Alfas till they're old enough. Don