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2008 - Those Who Really Ran the Club

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  • 2008 - Those Who Really Ran the Club

    At the club meeting, yesterday, I gave my usual speech about those club members that really ran the club in 2008. Often overlooked and usually doing most of their work behind the scenes, they deserve recognition. Unfortunately, I was distracted from the set text, and unintentionally left a couple of people out. So here is the list, again. Give a "Thank You" to these people next time you see them.

    Treasurer: Barbara Praefke
    Secretary and Newsletter Editor: Dan Berglund
    Regalia Meister and Mini Cooler Minder: Dave Baughman
    Membership Chairman: Ed Sauer
    Vice President and Tools and Parts Librarian: Kelley Mascher
    Events Chairman: Peter Larsen
    Web Site: Rodney Bullington
    Web Photo Site: Tim Boyd
    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.

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    Left off the above list would be Chuck Heleker. Always ready with a technical answer to one's problem. Always able to keep the lot of us in line during meetings. Hosting most of the meetings during the year. The gentle prod keeping the other officers on track. I always enjoy his eternal question "Was anyone hurt in that wreck?" as you arrive to an event (The best response is to flip him off!).
    Thanks Chuck, and thanks Dorthea for putting up with him. Don


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      I'll lift a glass to that!
      SAMOA is important to me, and with out people like these,.....(dramatic pause).... we wouldn't have it.
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