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mini beach car/ barrett/jackson

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  • James T
    After B-J get there cut % off the top......the seller probibly gets what the car is really worth!

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  • Mark
    Skip, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm so sick of seeing yet another overpriced sedan that was just "slickered up" and sent thru there, only to be bid up by someone with more bucks than brains.
    There are extremely few cars that are worth some of the outrageous 100K "price tags" that the high bidders have put on them as a result of getting carried away in the bidding process.

    Now, of course, I'm not in any way degrading some of the excellent work that people do on classic cars. I just have to question the amount being spent for the final product.

    Best regards,

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  • skip
    Wait a Minute, I've got a sawz- all, we could take a few rusty shells and make some beach buggies and solve all the club's financial woes!!!! Who had that speedometer with "0" miles on it!!! A little bondo and tinfoil over the rust!!! Just call it a Cooper "SS" Dune Buggy not a Beach Buggy and ask a bazillion dollars for it....

    Seriously, I have big problems with Barret-Jackson and all the other Hyped Up T.V. auctions and what they are doing to the old car hobby in general. They are pricing the hobbyists like you and me out of the hobby. It used to be that old cars were not considered good investment properties, (and still isn't with my broker).

    Problem is that everyone sees that someone sells an AMC Pacer at B. J. so every AMC Pacer is worth that much. They rely on P. T. Barnum's adage, "There's a sucker born every minute".

    Let's see how some of the so called bazillion dollar cars price tag hold up in a down economy. The price tag may remain the same but who's going to buy them.

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  • Cheleker
    That's it. I'm packing up the cop car and heading for B-J in Las Vegas. Should make enough to retire!

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  • automatic
    started a topic mini beach car/ barrett/jackson

    mini beach car/ barrett/jackson

    I saw that the mini "beach car" sold for $53,600 on friday with the 10% commission WOW! Very cool car with 800ish original miles WOW!