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Girl Scout Cookies - SAMOA related

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  • Girl Scout Cookies - SAMOA related

    I know, you're thinking, HOW can GS cookies be related to SAMOA? Well, I have the answer for you. The yummiest GS cookie, the one with the chocolate, coconut, etc., are called SAMOAS. ( I say they are the yummiest, but it turns out, statistically, the thin mint cookies are the top sellers! )

    I'm not imagining things! It's true! And, our daughter Lauren would be glad to take your "pre-order" for any and all GS cookies you might wish to purchase. You can place your order at the fabulous W.E.S. on the 24th, and I'll deliver them at the next meeting after they are delivered.( Might be February 17th, or March 17th )

    They are four dollars per box, and, as you know, the proceeds go to a good cause! Lauren's troop will use the proceeds to go camping, perform charitable works, and continue to have a troop that is active in our community.

    The exhaustive list of excellent cookies follows:

    ~ Lemon Chalet Creme (lemon sandwich cookies)

    ~Trefoils (shortbread)

    ~Do-si-dos (peanut butter crèmes)

    ~Samoas (chewy coconut and chocolate)

    ~Dulce de leche (caramel)

    ~Sugar free chocolate chip

    ~Tagalongs (peanut butter patties)

    ~Thin mints (chocolate covered peppermint cookie)

    Thanks for reading, and for your consideration.
    Best regards,
    All Together Now..... Everybody.......