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Waxoyl - rustproofer

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  • Waxoyl - rustproofer

    Its pretty popular over in the UK to use Waxoyl to rust proof your mini. Just found a company that sells in in the US. Though I would post up the link.

    I know we don't use much salt here in the PNW, but still good preventative maintenance if you drive your mini a good amount in the winter...

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    I've never used it. No opinion on how it works.
    Mini Mania has it listed on their web site. Haven't checked Seven's but they may, too.
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      I think gunnar gordon, got recently some expierence in that field



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        I've used it while working at a British restoration shop. Easy to work with and pretty straight forward. There are several ways to apply it.

        You can drill holes and inject it into areas. They sell plugs for the holes you drill. Or apply and fill the holes doesn't like extreme heat though so no welding.

        Only real advice is that it is a thick liquid (parafin?). So if you are going to use it start high and work low. Gravity will do the rest.

        I saw a sunbeam tiger we restored 16 years ago here in Woodinville last year and it was rust free in the cowl and rocker panels
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