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Tire Dismount and Mount.

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  • Tire Dismount and Mount.

    So, my new to me 10" wheels will be shipped out tomorrow. Once i get them, I want to do some refurbing. Where is the best place to get them dismounted and mounted by hand? They are coming with some descent Falken tires already equipped. All of the shops I know use machines.

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    Many SAMOAns have used Group 2 Motorsports, 4442-B 27th Ave W, Seattle. A couple of blocks west of Fisherman's Terminal at the south end of the Ballard Bridge. 206-378-0900. Not the cheapest but they're the best.

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      Group 2 uses machines, too, but they know what they are doing and have the proper machines to do the job.
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        Is it the small size of the Mini wheel that makes it prone to damage in a machine?


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          Originally posted by innochadi View Post
          Is it the small size of the Mini wheel that makes it prone to damage in a machine?
          I believe that it the operator's skill (or lack thereof) that causes wheel damage!

          If you are in the south end I would recommend Foster's Dependable Wheel Repair in Renton for dismount/mount/balance.
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            Sounds good, I completely forgot about Fosters. My wife had our Kerscher Carmona's fixed there.

            The wheels were shipped out this morning. I haven't seen them before. They are being shipped from Austria and should be here in 2 to 3 weeks.

            They are made by Bachtel and were Swiss made


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              I had mine done yesterday and Discount tire on the Southhill of Puyallup. One of the techs there owns a 61 morris, and he did a fine job. Dismount and disposal of 8 tires and mount and balance of my 4 new A008's was $90.
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                The problem with tire machines is that most operators think they have to use the machine to do everything.
                When I was in high school I pumped gas to earn my first car ('65 GTO), the little old german guy who owned the place was a stickler for doing tires the right way.
                All the operator really has to use the machine for is breaking the bead on the old tire.
                Once that is done the tire iron is stuck on the spindle. Then the tire is turned by hand until it rolls off of the rim.
                Mounting one is just as easy. Iron goes on the spindle, tire is turned rignt onto the rim. Air it up. Yer done!


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                  Ryan, whether you have your wheel work done at Foster's or Group 2, be sure you tell them you're a SAMOA member. Sometimes it'll get you some kind of break, even if minor. And letting these guys know the work is coming from the club benefits everyone in the long run.

                  Come to think of it, every member oughta do that, regardless of the work being done and where it's happening.


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