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Check Your Fire Extinguishers - Please!!

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  • Check Your Fire Extinguishers - Please!!

    Seeing as how we as a club have been visited by a devastating fire, which took Jame's T's Tinny Wagon in an instant. You owe it to yourself, your passengers and your Mini to check your Mini's fire extinguisher.

    I checked the extinguisher that I have been carrying around with me in our Mini, it don't shake up so good anymore! If they are not agitated on a regular basis the halon becomes concrete in the bottom of the canister.

    I asked the guy who comes in to our office and services the extinguishers in all our state rigs if the extinguisher I had was worth servicing. I got an unexpected answer from a guy who makes a living servicing them; "It usually isn't worth the effort or the expense to service small extinguishers. You should really replace them every three to four years." Wow!

    Guess what I'm getting the Mini for Christmas!!

    This is on recommendation from the fire extinguisher guy. If you get one make sure that it is A, B, C rated. Don't waste your money on any fire extinguisher in a plastic canister or one having a plastic nozzle. He said that he thought all the plastic ones were off the market now, but there could be some for sale still. The problem with the plastic is that it deteriorates and doesn't allow the halon powder to spray out properly. (Sounds like you get about a quarter of the halon spray that you would get with an all metal unit.)

    Better food for thought than that 30 year old fruit cake that makes its rounds every year!!! That is unless you actually like fruit cake, you would probably like Marmite and Vegemite in that case too!