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  • Local Mini Parts.

    Been meaning to put in an order from Mini Mania, but haven't had a chance. Kiwi really needs an oil change and I would like to change out the spark plugs as well as well. Possibly, change the dashpot oil too.

    Any local stores, stock oil filters for Minis? What is the best NGK plug for them? I know the euopean one, but not sure if that correlates to the US market.

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    Not sure about specifics but Autosport has a bunch of British tuneup parts etc. In stock.

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      I buy my oel and Filter at
      Car Quest,
      there are a several location seattle.
      West Seattle / and around 65 street
      I use 2o/ 5o castrol and filter " 85342.
      works really good.


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        I like WIX oil filters. The standard type is WIX 51348. If it fits the larger 51342 is better. Action Auto parts has them. There's an oil filter list below in case you want a little light reading.

        Castrol GTX 20/50 is good oil and readily available. You can get it in 5 quart jugs at Walmart and use the jug to recycle the oil.

        Generally, you can use the same oil you use in the engine in the carb.

        Spark plugs: There's really no reason to use anything other than NGK BP6ES or BPR6ES. Occasionally, Joe's has them on sale.

        Oil filter list:

        AC-DELCO 93156323
        HASTINGS LF155
        K&N HP-2004
        K&N HP1002
        LUCAS F5578
        MOBIL M1-102
        MOPAR 4105409
        NAPA 1374
        PIPERCROSS OF106
        PUROLATOR L10028
        PUROLATOR L10241
        STP S3614
        UNIPART GFE148
        UNIPART GFE166
        UNIPART GFE21
        WALMART ST3614
        WIX 51374
        AC-DELCO PF53
        AMSOIL SDF-57
        BALDWIN B288
        BECK/ARNLEY 041-8988
        BOSCH 3330
        BOSCH 72150
        CASITE CF966
        COOPERS GFE1
        COOPERS Z25/2
        DELPHI FX 0004
        FRAM PH2870A
        FRAM PH3600
        Valvoline VO22
        Ryco Z418
        Fram PH3816
        Lee LF2835
        BOSCH 72161
        WIX 51348
        Car Quest 85374
        FRAM PH3506 (for an MPI)
        FRAM PH3614
        FRAM PH966B


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          I would second the Wix recommendation but my local NAPA was bought by the national office and then closed! I've since taken my run of the mill,American car, business to J&J Auto Parts on 145th+ and 15th NE. Yet to see how they handle this British nonsense.
          Any real British stuff should be purchased locally at Autosport. Excellent knowledge base there, most stuff in stock. The overflow from the machine shop that stacks up in the parts area can be a real joy to behold while waiting for Brad to get off the phone.
          All the oils, filters, and lawn furniture sold at Walmart have excessive levels of melamine which has been shown to cause camshaft failure in laboratory rats.


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            Thank you for all the replies, hopefully getting all this done today