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Price Comparison: UK vs US.

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  • Price Comparison: UK vs US.

    So, I have been comparing a couple of US sites. Mini Mania and GB car parts with the Uk sites Mini Spares and Mini Sport.

    The price difference is huge even with conversion. It seems far cheaper to buy the parts from over there and ship them here and you would still be saving yourself a fair bit of money. Examples.

    Suspension kit. HI-Lo's with Spax shocks. Priced here $700 before shipping. UK price approx $350 after conversion. Even if shipping cost $200, you would be saving a lot of money.

    The same goes for brake kits. There is a $500 difference between buying a 7.5 cooper S setup here to buying it from over there. Though I don't know how much shipping would be. The mini spares site quoted me $152.

    Can these sites charge so much because of ease of shipping to local US residents or is it just because the currency conversion is so nice right now?

    Not ready to buy anything just yet, but I thought it was interesting.

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    My guess is that the currency exchange rate is favorable right now. Six months ago, not the case.


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      Absolutely right, Jerry. The exchange rate is amazing right now! Just check out this chart showing the exchange rate for the last 120 days:

      Since July, £1 has dropped from $2 to $1.48 US dollars.

      Definitely the time to buy if you want to buy something from the UK!


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        I'm no expert, but the US retailers are selling the parts based on what they paid for them, not the current exchange rate. If parts were sold on what the dollar is worth today US parts retailers would loose money.
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          The price of shipping will probably remain constant for some time. We see the drop in fuel prices at the pump and hear about the drop in oil prices, however, the airline industry bases its prices on trading futures on fuel. We pay what the shippers thought the value of fuel would be in the future. They are locked in to a specific rate based on trading in the market.
          Still, it seems a good time to buy!
          My Mini is plastic.


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            PP, In general, you are correct. Other things to consider: Seven, I think had a "the pound is down sale," and the biggest US retailers turn the most popular inventory items fast, so they have the opportunity to adjust prices for the changing exchange rate. How fast they do it is another question, though.

            Here's one more thought about buying directly from England. Mis-shipped or defective parts are harder to return.
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              so, where/who do we buy from over there? what are the best web sites to visit right now? which things should be really be shopping for?

              i'm thinking of some expensive body panels from m-machine. it seems like right now would be a good time. also, some newton commercial carpets?

              give your thoughts.
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