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Hood, Safety Latch, Fix I Hope

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  • Hood, Safety Latch, Fix I Hope

    Not meaning to hi-jack Chuck's high value auction thread but...

    I've noticed that the anemic bracket holding my safety catch onto my hood is starting to go, I'm sure that I'm not the only "New Era" Mini in our group to be having this problem.

    It has been bothering my engineering formated brain since I noticed it. My fix is something like a loop of 1/16th inch monel (read stainless steel) wire. on the bottom end. With a 4 - 6" single, double looped monel wire either passing through the hood spring bracket (one loop), second loop would go to a snap clip.

    OK if I haven't lost you with this long winded description, bear with me I'm almost there.

    The snap clip would engage the open loop, which would hold the hood closed in the event of a hood latch failure.

    Would this work? Is there something already out there to serve this purpose?

    Bear in mind, I just had oral surgery (implant, you know really big just like we like them, really big)!! I am still on the good stuff, I was thinking of this before taking drugs. Chuck's hood auction jarred my memory.

    (Please don't think of me in the same light as B!ll [email protected] from the minimania board when he was washing his pain meds down with Red Stripe! I haven't said anything nasty about anyone yet have I,,, blankety blank tire kickers!!!) If you don't know who he is ask Chuck he can fill you in on some of B.C.'s online exploits. oop's I better post this before it takes a whole page!!!

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    But the snap clip might vibrate and rattle when you turn the bass waaaaay up. That's as lame as a license plate vibrating with big bass or even the mid range! Buy a big jar of car color tie wraps and tie that kangaroo down mate. Just remember to bring the dikes so you can open yer bonnet to show off your large implant. Or you could install a safety catch. Or one of those way cool leather belts with a shiny buckle. Sincerely, Don


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      Skip, that monel is kinda pricey. What's wrong with coat-hanger wire and a length of yellow poly rope?


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