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Niece & Family Burned out of home

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  • Niece & Family Burned out of home

    Hi all!
    Last Sunday, my niece and three children lost their home in Beaverton to a fire that started in the neighbor's Townhouse. She is a single mom, working through college and has really been struggling this past year. We are scheduling a truck to Portland on Oct 25th. The Red cross provided one set of clothing each and they have been lucky to find another house but everything else is gone. If you feel you may want to donate items, please email or PM me. I know this isn't a Charity site and it's hard to ask for help but we're trying to do our best to get the kids back into a familiar routine as quickly as possible so we do what we have to. Thanks so much.

    Chris Bryner

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    Donation of necessities for family in need

    Hi Chris,
    I've sent you a pm.

    Hey SAMOANS; Come on out of the woodwork and check what you can donate. This niece is obviously a worthy cause, and needs our help.
    Perhaps that piece of furniture that your spouse hates is ready to head on down to Oregon?

    Best regards to all,
    All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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      PM reply not working

      I am Ed's Chris. Tried to reply to your PM however, the counfounded this isn't working for me. Will keep trying back. Thank you


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        Chris, How old are the kid(s)? Don


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          Family Fire Info....

          Brandy Age 13 clothing size 18W
          Samanth Age 7 clothing size 10-12 (girls)
          Carter Age 6 clothing size 7 (Boys)
          Mom size 20W

          They lost everything except their dining set - we are looking to find things like: bikes,dishes,toys,linens,Computer,furniture,beds,e lectronics,kitchenware.
          We have 3 twin beds,entertainment center, a couple of lamps,some accessories and will do a shopping run for extras that we can afford and brings some gift cards for groceries.
          The Red Cross provided a change of clothes for each of the kids and some toiletries - HUD found them another house the next day so they are getting settled with more than some get. They have no access to the burned residence until more investigation is done.


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            Do you have a deadline for accepting stuff?

            If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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              Would gift cards work better, and to where?



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                We're hoping to have the truck go down on the 25th - so Friday would be a deadline. Donation sites have been set up at Budget Trucks of Bellevue - 12385 Northrup Way) and Budget Trucks of Seattle (2724 4th Ave S) or you can contact me to arrange a pick up.
                Gift cards will work - Fred Meyer, Safeway, Sears, Penny's, would probably be the most convenient.



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                  Hi Chris,
                  Have list of items ready to go. Can stuff it all in the back of the saab and bring to MMtg at Chucks, but then you'd have to take it all home in the countryman; Probably not going to work! :-)
                  Pls phone with possibility of pick up?

                  Toshiba 20 inch TV
                  Black filing cabinet
                  Printer / computer table with sliding tray for keyboard
                  Electric fry pan
                  Small table for kids/crafts/etc - bright yellow
                  Wood sewing machine cabinet - classic look
                  Overstuffed chair
                  rattan chair - white

                  I'll send phone # to Your and Ed's P.M.

                  Best regards,
                  All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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                    sent you PM



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                      Cookie I have some furniture.

                      Armoire (tan oak) 6.5 feet tall can hold a TV.
                      Brand New Boat Bed (twin size) (yes it has a bow in it to store toys) Looks like a boat!
                      Clothes. Lots.. Let me look.
                      Let me look tomorrow in storage.

                      rodney at bullsac dot com is my e-mail
                      It can make commuting the best part of the day if you do it right. -mascher


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                        Mr Bull ~
                        we will have to pass on the armoire as we have an entertainment center already but thank you so much! The bed would be perfect for my nephew - a boat! he will be thrilled I'm sure. I will have more info on how much room we have left tomorrow.

                        thanks so much


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                          Family Fire Donation UPDATE

                          The response of donations has been terrific! With your committed items
                          the only things needed now are dressers or storage shelves - if anyone has a bike for a 6 yr old, great or we will pick that up later for Carter. I will confirm pick up of items with all of you as quickly as possible. Any gift cards will be utilized for the necessities (shoes, socks, toiletries and groceries). You have been wonderful to respond to this. I just know they will be so happy to
                          get organized in their new place. They are now searching through the rubble for salvagable items and doing lots and lots of washing.



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                            Chris, let me know where I can send gift cards or paypal. Also, here at BIFD we offer a "victim's kit" which includes some bare necessities, a night's hotel, and $100. I know they're past the hotel part, but perhaps their local FD also offers something like this.