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Italy trip viewed from Italy!

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  • Italy trip viewed from Italy!

    So I have been posting the photos from the Larsens trip to Italy and it seems that no sooner then I post them I have someone correcting me on the year make and model. This is some of the correspondence that I have had with Roberto from Fiuggi, Italy. I wonder if it is anywhere close to where Peter and Joan were? Anyway if you have a chance take a look at the Flickr site Roberto has set up, he has some really cool stuff.


    To: rob_ello
    Subject: photo clarification
    Thanks for your clarification on the photos I have been posting. As you probably figuard out all I do is upload the photos that our club members send to me, and alot of times it's up to me to put captions to them. I thank you for your imput and knowledge of these photos.


    Re: photo clarification
    Thank's Tim. I think that is important for every car enthusiast know the correct name about the car ;-) ....and for me is same a quiz game ;-)


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    sorry for confusion, in regards of italian
    cars, some of the " correct" discrption
    fell through the crack. I hope I got
    the Innocenti s right. A few cars were not
    correct factory, but thought not pointing
    it out./
    over all it was a nice 3 weeks vaccation
    cars were not the main thing, see the
    lastpicture set i send today.