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    Hi guys and gals,
    Thanks for the help so far. If anyone is interested, I'm blogging the double restoration project at So far the cars are down to shell and running gear; my chain hoist arrived yesterday, so the engines should be out by the weekend.

    Is there an actual "membership" to SAMOA? If there is, I'd love to join and help support this site or whatever with my dues--perhaps someone can point me in the right direction there. Look forward to meeting some of you in the near future.

    All best,

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    Great blog, bmc! I've been hoping to start a blog on my Inno restoration for several months now, but I've only gotten so far as to claim a blogspot web address. I'll be sure to watch your blog for updates.

    There is a SAMOA membership. Contact the membership chairman, Ed Sauer (minied), for details on joining. Welcome to the club!


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      Photos of the builds would go well on the club's flickr site:
      Contact Tim at qwickmini at gmail dot com
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        great blog so far!! love the running commentary, and the help hints for sites and such! not quite a "club" project car, but between you and an buddy with a bug eyed sprite blog, i get by.
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