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My wife is walking 60 miles this weekend.

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  • My wife is walking 60 miles this weekend.

    My wife is participating in the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk this weekend, which spans 60 miles. She still has over $1300 to raise and has been training for months to be able to do the walk. If any of you know of anyone who could help donate to the cause, please let them know. Here is a link to her site for the walk.


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    C'mon Kids, Show Lisa some Love! Let's see the SAMOA crowd overwhelm her donor list! Don


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      I agree, if Robin and I weren't already supporting someone else's 3-Day Walk we would kick some $$$ in.

      Come on guys and gals this is a great cause. Far better than supporting some of the other causes we are bombarded with.

      Skip & Robin


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        Sorry, can't this time. We are tryng to drum up our own support. Heather and I are biking the MS 150 this weekend. It's a 150 mile cycle event to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
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          thanks to those who have donated so far, and for those that have already donated to support others in this walk, way to go!!!

          it's a long walk, but still so little to do in the fight against breast cancer.

          i know i can speak for any one doing the walk in saying that every little bit goes a long LONG way!

          tomorrow this time i'll be starting my first 23 mile day (second day is 23 miles, third day is 14 miles, phew!)


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            Good luck Lisa, remember, Drink before you're thirsty, Eat before you're hungry, and wear sunscreen! Have a great walk.

            Tim & Patti


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              thanks everyone for your support! it was an amazing weekend filled with incredible people...and lots of walking! the most incredible part was watching ALL the survivors who walked/volunteered walk into memorial stadium. absolutely incredible and so moving. the team i joined had three survivors, and i met another who trained with the team. i'm definitely doing this again next year!

              thanks again!