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Replaced my Cones with HiLo's & Springs

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  • Replaced my Cones with HiLo's & Springs

    Chuck replaced my Mini's cones with HiLo's and Springs last week. WOW, what a differance!!! I had not realized how bad my old cones were. The front cones were compressed by close to 2 inches and were giving little to no real cushion. The rear cones were not too bad, but it was time (after 12 years) to change them. We also replaced the shocks and checked the brakes while we had everything apart. The change in my cars feel is amazing!

    Assisting Chuck with this installation was a great experience, I learned alot about my car and found that it is in really good shape and has been well maintained by the previous owner(s). Best of all, I can now get over most speed bumps without bottoming out!

    Thanks Chuck!

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    Way to Go! I'm curious which springs you put in; the Sracer type, OR which color did you put in?
    I"ll look forward to seeing it!
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      Kevin and I had a great time working and discovering parallel past lives.

      SRacer red springs, and non genuine hi los.

      I'm not much of a fan of the springs. Others like them. Most people that like them are comparing them to worn out cones.

      I will say that they install a little easier than new cones.
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        Isn't that a giant step backwards? people have been trying to get springs to act like rubber (progressive) since forever.

        If I was still racing I'd be asking for your old rubber springs. they work great in a race mini.

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