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What's it worth? Impossible to answer 100% I know

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  • What's it worth? Impossible to answer 100% I know

    While on a business trip this week I took advantage of seeing a local Mini that ws for sale. Details are below.

    1968 MK2 Morris Mini Cooper
    Red/black top with a Webasto sunroof
    Car was "restored" (repainted if you ask me) prior to 2000 when it came to the States
    Interior is in good condition minus the drivers seat which is splitting on the seams.
    Chrome is not rusted but does have pock marks due to weathering
    Paint is a 10 foot job. It's cracking in a few places and it looks like someone tried to wet sand it with too aggressive of a sand paper. My guess is it'd shine up but the cracks lead me to believe that there may be some repairs under the surface.
    No rust bubble in the paint, floors look clean, rockers, along the seams, edge of the roof, etc.
    VERY stock and original. Minus the sunroof the only thing changed is the oil filter setup. Even has the hydrolastic suspension and original dual SU carbs.
    All original paperwork from the previous US owner (2000-2002) and current owner. Also include the paperwork from the UK owners as well as original shop manuals and such.
    Wheels are stock with hubcaps (in great shape).
    Starts quickly and runs beautifully.

    Any suggestions as to what it's worth? I know I'd need to find someone local to it that is more familiar with Minis than I to check it out prior to making a deal.


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    I have visited with Jake the owner of this car on the phone. I think that his asking price is very reasonable, but I've only looked at the set of pictures he sent (a lot) and watched the video he posted on YouTube. He even seemed willing to negotiate on the price a bit for someone who had to pay for transport. He mentioned a small hole in the sunroof. I'd get that repaired if moving it to the Pac. NW.



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      Jake was great to talk to. He's got quite the collection of cars too (Original Mad Max Police Interceptor that he imported from Australia, 1970 Holden, he made a Blue Brothers cop car, etc.)

      I think I've decided to pass on the car though. There are just too many things that need to be done to it (new interior as it's coming apart, new paint as it's cracking, etc.) that add up and if you look at what you would spend to do it you can find a nicer one in that range.


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        I agree, nice guy. Even shot a few extra pictures for me and sent them within a few minutes. A true car enthusiast as you say.

        I just got photos of a Mk2 Cooper S in Colorado for $10k. I was pretty excited about it until I saw the pictures. Not a lot of paint left and a lot of surface rust. Can you believe that there is a gas cap on the left tank and not on the right, and it's been sitting outside for 2 years. At least move the cap to the expensive tank so it doesn't rust out.

        $9400 didn't seem too bad, but I haven't seen the car in person.

        Your might check out Scott's car. The interior is very nice and he has a new interior kit and a nice load of parts.


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          Ironically Scott got me thinking that I should be going the same path he is. Looking for a later model car with belts in the back for the kids. Still noodling it right now.


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            Jake just sent me an email. He's willing to let it go cheaper to folks in the NW.
            Hey Mark, just thought I'd say "Howdy!", and wanted to let you know that if a
            person who lives in the Northwest is interested in
            Nigel, there's a special price for folks in that area, $8500. I have some
            friends up that way that helped me bring in the
            Interceptor, and they brought in a Mini from Oz for a buddy of mine down in San
            Antonio. Beautiful part of the country, had a great
            vacation up there in 2004.

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