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  • Karl the head of the MADMEN

    In case you've never had the pleasure of meeting him, this will give you and idea of the things Karl comes up with...

    MIOHA !! ... it almost sounds like ALOHA ... eh ...
    Several of us Miniacs are already planning our drive to the 2009 Mini Meet.
    June 29 - July 2, 2009 in Winona, Minnesota
    Check the web site for more details on the Mini Meet.
    Sign up for your hotel rooms NOW before the hoarders grab them all up !!

    Our Mid-America Diehard Mini Enthusiasts' Network (a.k.a. "MADMEN") is essentially a self-help group somewhat similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, except that our 12-step program focuses on getting people incurably addicted to classic Minis and new MINIs, not to curing them.
    Our “DISCOVER AMERICA - GET LOST IN A MINI” program and our annual Cross-Country Scavenger Hunts between Mini Meets encourage making long-distance road trips between the Mini Meets. The rules for our Hunts are simple - Attend the first Mini Meet and then take any route you want to get to the second Mini Meet that year on the other side of the country. Stop in one tourist trap in each state or province that you drive through and buy a "treasure" to display at the second Mini Meet. Save receipts to prove the date that you were actually there at each stop. Displays of "treasures" will then be judged by peoples' choice balloting and awards given for best displays of "treasures" collected by participants in 3 categories - collected in a classic Mini, new MINI, or whatever else was used to drive between Meets. We have held these Cross-Country Scavenger Hunts for the past 3 years -
    2006 - 2300+ miles in 7 days between MMW in AZ and MME in MD
    2007 - 2500+ miles in 8 days between MME in TN and MMW in OR
    2008 - 3100+ miles in 4 days between MMW in CA and MME in ME
    In 2009, since there will be only one combined Meet for both West and East, the rules will be very simple. Just drive from your house to the Meet and collect one "treasure" from each state or province that you drive through. Oh by the way, one of those "treasures" MUST be bought in Alaska. It's Alaska's 50th birthday as well as the Mini's, too. A number of Mini and MINI enthusiasts from all over North America are now starting to plan out their routes to gather their "treasures" on their drive to Minnesota. Some of us are developing our plan under the code name of MIOHA (a.k.a. the Mini Invasion of Hyder, Alaska). Check the web site for details on "The friendliest ghost town in Alaska". Here is our preliminary itinerary as we currently envision it -

    June 06 (Saturday) - Drive to Mile 0 in Key West, FL
    June 07 (Sunday) - Drive 350 miles to central Florida
    June 08 (Monday) - Drive 350 miles to central Georgia
    June 09 (Tuesday) - Drive 330 miles to Knoxville, TN
    June 10 (Wednesday) - Drive 300 miles to western Tennessee
    June 11 (Thursday) - Drive 300 miles to St. Louis, MO
    June 12 (Friday) - Drive 300 miles to northwestern Missouri
    June 13 (Saturday) - Drive 300 miles to Grand Island, NE
    June 14 (Sunday) - Drive 430 miles to Rapid City, SD
    June 15 (Monday) - Drive 370 miles to Billings, MT
    June 16 (Tuesday) - Drive 220 miles to Great Falls, MT
    June 17 (Wednesday) - Drive 220 miles to St Mary, MT
    June 18 (Thursday) - Drive 320 miles via US-2, ID-1, BC-21 to Balfour, BC
    June 19 (Friday) - Drive 325 miles to Little Fort, BC
    June 20 (Saturday) - Drive 275 miles to Prince George, BC
    June 21 (Sunday) - Drive 300 miles to Kitwanga, BC
    June 22 (Monday) - Drive 300 miles round trip to Hyder, AK
    June 23 (Tuesday) - Drive 300 miles to Prince George, BC
    June 24 (Wednesday) - Drive 325 miles to Saskatchewan River Crossing, AB
    June 25 (Thursday) - Drive 240 miles to Drumheller, AB (Dinosaur museum)
    June 26 (Friday) - Drive 415 miles to Moose Jaw, SAS
    June 27 (Saturday) - Drive 390 miles to Devils Lake, ND
    June 28 (Sunday) - Drive 350 miles on US-2 to Duluth, MN
    June 29 (Monday) - Drive 220 miles to Winona, MN
    June 30 (Tuesday) - MINI MEET 2009 in Winona, MN
    July 01 (Wednesday) - MINI MEET 2009 in Winona, MN
    July 02 (Thursday) - MINI MEET 2009 in Winona, MN
    July 03 (Friday) - Drive home after the Mini Meet ...
    July 04 (Saturday) -
    July 05 - (Sunday) -

    Any and all comments about our MIOHA plan, and any interest in joining our caravan somewhere along our route to the 2009 Mini Meet, will be eagerly welcomed.
    LONG LIVE MINIS - especially yours !!
    Karl Strauch, Wildwood, MO [email protected]
    Mini owner since 1978 + MINI Cooper S owner since 2002
    Founder of the Mid-America Diehard Mini Enthusiasts' Network (MADMEN) in 1988
    Co-organizer of the West Meets East Mini Meet 2004 in Rockford, IL
    Co-founder of the North American Classic Mini Brigade in 2006 for people who complete a continuous 5000-mile or more cross-continent road trip in any direction in a classic A-series powered Mini.

    PS - Longest drive in a Mini so far was to Alaska and back in 1998 (6600+ miles in 18 days)
    Eagerly looking forward to doing it again in 2009 on the way to the Mini Meet in Minnesota !!
    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.

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    karl is quite a mini fan, not missing a beat.
    I met him first time at Whistler MMW1998 when
    he drove down from Alaska.