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  • Question for Chuck!

    Chuck, Big Al wants me to ship the mini to him in trade for a 1989 mini 30! I know you arent that fond of later modle cars , but how is Big Al? Trusting easy to work with? I am having problems getting the car up there hents the reason of seeing if someone could help me out, although I am not sure if its worth all the trouble! He wants me to get it up to B.C. Delta to the train depot and send it to him that way! There are a few other people that have had intrest as well, There is a guy Jim in Detroit who is intrested as well, ses he knows you, as a guy from Canada who sent you some parts! Thanks for your time and for posting that pic. Regaurds, Scott

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    Are you only interested in a trade or are you willing to sell it?



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      Scott, Call 425 226 2783

      Mornings best.
      The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.